Saturday, 7 June 2014

Saturday C&DCYCLES shop ride cut short...storm coming!

Well the weather forecast for today is dire and as a consequence, Mrs Lindsley, the cake maker extraordinaire and all round splendid wife, who is the chair-lady of Friends of Rothwell Junior School decided to cancel family camp out. The last two have been lovely as around 20 families camped out on the school field and the kids were able to run wild for 24 hours. The other thing that made them great was that the FORJ committee managed to cleverly pick the right weekend.

The silver lining  to that cloud was that I didn't have to miss the Saturday shop ride for the second week running. Not that I minded missing last week's ride, I was busy, as you know roaring home the Champions of England. The weather forecast had improved and it was almost bright first thing this morning. It was then a race against time whether we could avoid the oncoming storm which was already wreaking havoc in the South West of England.
The view across our garden at 8am

So I set out to the shop where I met many of the special friends I've met through our great club. Of course everyone inquired had I recovered from last weekend yet? The answer is of course no. Andy (there's your mention,) was in a bad mood though. He put this down to hayfever. I know how he feels, I've taken loratidine and certirizine today but still present a snotty risk to anyone riding behind me.

Boughton House, home of the Buccleuch's (Buck-loo) pretty much the view from the A43

The route was lovely. heading out to Geddington past the impressive Boughton House and then following a significant chunk of the women's tour route through to the QOM climb at Harrington. Making it the second time in three days I've done that hill. Others in the group were obviously segment chasing here but I decided to save my legs and take it easy. I wish I'd gone for it now though as we approached Foxhall on the Mawsley road the rain started. At this point I dismissed rule 9 "if you ride in bad weather you are badass," as folly and decide dto head home rather than back to the shop. The rain wasn't bad at that point I just didn't see the point of getting caught out in the heavy stuff. I did miss the banter, tea and cake back at the shop and for that I'm sorry BUT it's hosing it down now. As the geezer in 'The Mummy,' says:
"Live today, ride tomorrow!"

I'd listen to the warrior geezer

I have only one compalint about today's rout and that's: "what flipwit in a planning department took the decision to surface dress the road between Geddington and the A6003 going through Newton?" A few months ago a proper tarmac surface had been laid here for the Women's Tour and it was a delight to ride on. With so many potholes and roads in disrepair why oh why did they decide to ruin this one? It's usually horrible riding on a road that has been recently surface dressed, it was even worse knowing this was an unnecessary piece of vandalism using tax payers money!

Not the actual road, just to give the idea

The garden looked a bit different on my return

Getting moist!

So was I justified in coming home early? Yes, yes I was. It's raining cats and dogs now, visibility is reduced and cars are all driving with lights on. I'm safe at home with a cup of tea. Some ride is still better than no ride!

Ok so that's not really what it looks like

This is!

No riding for me tomorrow as Niamh has an athletics meeting and frankly it's a massive proud Dad moment for me to watch her compete. I do know that there is a C&DCYCLES Sunday ride, to be led by Iain Tingle. The route looks great and I like the artistic genius with which it's advertised. So I'm kind of sad to miss it but it's for a good reason.

Very Good!

Happy Pedaling

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