Monday, 23 June 2014

Commuting, cadence and segment chasing

Not a lot to blog about really but I rode so I blog. Those are the rules. Good grief I have a lot of rules! Maybe I should do something about that. This was just a standard commute except now I have the cadence sensor which is the next thing in a long line of things which will turn me into an elite standard cyclist....erm well maybe not! Anyway following another of my rules that some bloke told me to so I should. I am now trying to pedal everywhere at 90rpm. To be more precise I change down under 85rpm and up over 95rpm. It certainly feels like I'm going faster but what's the reality? Well you can't take the averages from this ride because commuting is perilous and caution in urban areas prevents me from being glued to the bike computer. I did however have a crack at Rothwell Rise segment whilst maintaining the holy grail of pedal revolutions. I felt like I absolutely flew down that bit of road so thanks a bunch strava for not recognising that segment on my data! Something to do with inaccurate data at the start and finish points. Numbers, numbers, numbers! Why can't I just enjoy the ride, look at the scenery, do a bit of bird spotting? Who knows? All I know is I can't and I also know if you enjoy this blog you probably can't either!

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