Tuesday, 25 March 2014

So I'm not in training...

There's no pictures and no route from Strava to post. I did have plans tonight. I had a 28 mile route around the Naseby battlefield site. I was going to tell you about the decisive battle in the English Civil War. I was going to show you Prince Rupert's and Fairfax's view, the monument, the churchyard in Marston Trussell where the atrocity happened and wonder about the weirdness of sleepy old Northants being the epicentre of a cultural change that shaped democracy across Europe. More importantly I was going to delight in the quiet roads and rolling landscape that make cycling here such a joy. But no! I'm sat on my arse drinking homebrew, filling my face with junk in the sulk to end all sulks. I feel like an OAP whose waited all day for countdown only to suffer a power cut just before it starts.

The source of my woe is the self inflicted gash in my right calf. I had thought it was healing well. They didn't tell me in A&E not to ride. I may how somehow forgotten to ask but they definitely truly 100% did not say stay off the bike until the stitches are out. I also did some research. I found a triathlon forum where an actual doctor said it was ok to swim in stitches so I assumed cycling was fine. I may have chosen to ignore the bit about cuts on muscles that move a lot during exercise (do we use calf muscles in cycling?) Anyway the practice nurse delivered the killer blow this afternoon. The wound is not fully closed, come back Friday and absolutely no cycling. Friday? I was going to do a big ride up and round Rutland on Friday, not massive only 80 miles(ish), although if I was going well I was going to push it to 100 to complete the 160km March Gran Fondo. This was met with disapproval. I don't think she understands. I also think it was exceptionally poor advice that I should:"take up being a couch potato!"

So now I'm in a bad mood. Cycling is addictive. Crack cocaine is probably easier to give up and possibly safer in my case (this is a joke kids, class A substances are not to be messed with.) How did it get to this though? Well this pleasant little hobby gets under your skin. You start out with a bike and a plan to get a bit healthier and before you know it you desire full carbon, bikes for every known two wheeled escapade, industrial quantities of Lycra and the latest scientifically proven nutritional products. You'll be signed up for every sportive going and wondering if you'd go ok in a time trial. Is this a problem? No! It's flipping fantastic. The only downside is every now and again you have to put your backside on a sofa instead of a saddle. Oh well I suppose I'll have to properly plan a few routes for when I'm fit.

Happy peddling people!

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