Saturday, 8 March 2014

C&DCYCLES 1st anniversary ride

What an awesome morning with my very good friends the brothers and sisters of the C&DCYCLES cycling club. There was a massive turnout for our first anniversary ride meaning we split into two groups. The rabbits set off whilst I had some last minute adjustments to Clive, who, by the way is back to full health due to the kindness of Nathan and the attention of the lads in the shop. That meant I was in the chasing group! Yikes on a bike. To be honest it did me some good to go a bit quicker and the stack of PRs proves that. I also think the two groups is a good idea because it does get risky when we get groups approaching 20. We caught the other group and spent time with them too so it remained a sociable spin. Anyway route below, the standard Oundle loop.

On our return to the shop we had a bit of a celebration. My splendid wife, Lee, is a cake maker extraordinaire and made us a cake to truly be proud of. It looked good and tasted good, so well done Mrs Lindsley.

I feel proud to be part of this highly inclusive club. It's a real credit to Andy for starting this and to Chris for supporting our activities at the shop. Many of us have led rides and it is this collective responsibility that makes us strong. I've made some great new friends and my cycling has benefitted greatly. Long may it continue.

A last word to the magnificent Mr Major. Big Steve tried so hard to modify his workmanlike vocabulary. He tried but of course he failed. We love you for that Stevie. In future though Lee's cakes are to be referred to as the canine's cadooberries.

The brothers C&DCYCLES in that posh old Oundle

Love these action shots!

Other half of the gang at Wadenhoe...near the infamous Barratt's corner!

My wife made the most awesome cake

First health and safety concern

Andy cuts the cake

You truly deserve to look that happy mate!

No shortage of assessors for cake quality control

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