Friday, 21 March 2014

Another Friday another trip to...

No not A&E just a return to the crash scene and a successful completion of the planned route. I have to say I remembered something tonight. I bloody love cycling. This is a good route. Nice bit of off road, interesting features and some interesting animals. It's also a good time for a blast around Pitsford because it's quiet. The reservoir bike track can get very busy and too right too. It's a fantastic local resource that we're lucky to have. The wooded sections were splendidly lit up by my trusty one23 which added a nice bit of atmosphere to the ride.

The main thing to report is I still have stitches in my calf but I was absolutely fine. So it's game on for  the C&DCYCLES shop ride tomorrow.

Tonight's bike was my classic Orange P7. This steel framed beast from the early noughties has served me so well. It's so dated with calliper brakes and rigid forks. It's also so brilliant. I can't explain why but off road it's just really agile. I'm told it's the geometry and also replacing the forks would ruin this. I've also ridden her on the Oxford - Cambridge charity ride for the BHF. I'd love to get the updated version 2011 Orange P7 or maybe the clockwork orange 29er. Great British bikes. Unfortunately you can get nearly as much bike for a lot less cash in other brands so this maybe the only Orange I ever own. The biggest laugh of this is my total cluelessness when I bought my Orange 2nd hand for £270 in 2006. I had no idea what a great bike it was and absolutely no idea that putting slicks on it to ride to work was a complete waste of this bike's talents. If I didn't know before, the bike shop manager at Cannock Chase virtually coming in his pants when he saw my P7, was the icing on the cake.

The dreaded ford and scene of last week's crash
Lovely bit of off road action
Llamas or are the alpaca?

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