Thursday, 13 March 2014

Misty miles

In several minds is the only way I can explain this evenings route choice. I must have changed my mind 10 times before and during tonight's ride. After the morning fog cleared I sulkily looked out of the window at work, wishing the clock to 5 and hoping to get out for a few miles. That's the problem I think. I'd had too long to think about it and I know too many routes. To be fair they're all good and the roads I used provided enough variety for a very enjoyable ride.

One thing I can tell you from my ride is that there will be fog in the morning. As the sun set mist was forming In the valleys making the light a bit eerie. So it's a good job I got out tonight because it won't be much fun in the morning. Once again the trusty one23 extreme bright light gave me confidence in the dark. 

Some features of tonight's ride are East Carlton Country Park which is a lovely place to take kids or walk dogs. The ride goes through the beautiful villages of Pipewell, Ashley and Stoke Albany all of which would be lovely places to live with Ashley being my favourite on account of there being a pub.  The hill from Ashley to Stoke Albany is a tester and I'm pleased to get a PR there this evening. 

Rides give me a chance to ponder life, the universe and everything. This evening I pondered the heckling of cyclists. Why is it some people feel the need to shout at us. Sometimes it's the short sighted or insane who yell at me. Well I presume that's it due to the following: "hey sexy," "nice bum," or " nice legs." I once got an insult and a compliment by consecutive cars. Sometimes I get "go on Bradley." Then lots of little kids just whoop. The most bizarre ever happened on Tuesday when a teenage boy screamed "I smell nice!" This was no doubt due to industrial quantities of lynx so kudos to the fragrant youth!

Once again this lucky man was supported by his wife who today left me a roast chicken dinner in the microwave having fed the kids earlier. Thanks again Mrs Lindsley, another perfect post ride meal. I think I've earned a beer to wash it down with.

And finally, two rides no punctures. Gatorskins. Nuff said!

The setting sun

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