Saturday, 1 March 2014

Another Saturday yet another superb C&DCYCLES shop ride

It was a frosty start but with bright sunshine and light winds this appeared to be the perfect day for a group ride. This well ridden route is a regular for C&DCYCLES but we changed it a little to avoid busy roads in the part of the ride with thick fog. I was certainly glad to have my one23 extreme bright light attached for the worst bits.

There was some argument as to whether this was the Pitsford Classic or the Pitsford reverse. I feel it's the reverse but hey does it matter...actually yes, yes it does, we did the Pitsford reverse! Some nice features to this ride include Sywell Airport where Guy Martin attempted his human powered flight record as part of his excellent channel four mini series. It's a nice place to spend a few hours, kids always enjoy seeing the light aircraft taking off and landing and ironically the very pleasant bar does a cracking pint of spitfire!

Here's a link to the speed loving mad man who loves to say everything twice!

Some newbies on the ride to day and very welcome they were too. That's the strength of C&DCYCLES club, we're a very inclusive bunch.

Today's ride was once again led by the king of fruity language Steve Major, another job well done! I can't wait for next week's ride!

On my return I was checking my Strava outside the house with my front wheel in a puddle. The tell tale gurgle told me I'd got another puncture, at least it hadn't spoiled the ride and I got the chance to change it before the next ride. Andy...I'll need another inner tube mate!

Bit foggy in parts

Then totally fine in others

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