Monday, 24 March 2014

So I might be in training

My thoughts are turning to Sportives with my first of the year probably being the Squires and Spires on Star Wars day (May the 4th be with you.) Before that happens I want to be as prepared as I can which essentially means I'm now in training. You ask most cyclists what they want to improve and they'll say: climbing and average speed over a ride. We're obsessed with it and once again I firmly blame Strava.

Right now I feel I'm a bit of a slouch or as Ty Webb might tell me, I'm a tremendous slouch. For those of you not familiar with caddyshack, what on earth is wrong with you? For those who are please enjoy the full version of that quote:

Judge Smails: You know, you should play with Dr. Beeper and myself. I mean, he's been club champion for three years running and I'm no slouch myself.
Ty Webb: Don't sell yourself short Judge, you're a tremendous slouch.

Ok so that's the problem, I don't feel fully fit and I want to perform better in the sportives. I was pants in the 3 counties and everyone had to wait for me. It really was a case of: fail to prepare, prepare to fail. The quotes don't end there. This is the one I'm drawing inspiration from:

"Do today what others won't, so tomorrow you can do what others can't." - Jerry Rice San Francisco 49ers legendary wide receiver.

Right then let's get to the point of all this rambling. I decided to do hill intervals. I picked the hill from Rothwell to Orton because it's about half a mile, as steep as anything around here, leaves me out of breath and it's quiet. I did the hill ten times, riding to the top turning around and using the descent to recover. I thought doing this would be tough and it was but not nearly as hard as I thought. I either need a bigger hill (imagine doing this up Rocky,) or I took it too easy and need to ride as hard as I can on every climb. Either way I tried it, I can do it and I'm going to do it some more.

The enemy

View from the top

The awesome power of the one23 extreme bright light

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