Friday, 14 March 2014

another life lesson

Ok so tonight I learned another valuable lesson. If your riding through a ford for the first time take it easy! I'm writing this in A&E. I have a gash on my leg, probably caused by my chainring after a heavy fall! Mr tumble strikes again. In better news there is no apparent bike damage.  

So here's an update: I got five stitches and have to lay off the bike for at least a week. The place I fell is notorious and in fact my Dad has come off on the very same spot. I'll ride this route again in a few weeks and explain the pics etc, I won't be using the ford, I'll use the footbridge next to it.

The gate of many tools at Holly Lodge, a feature on this route

The folly on spectacle lane, about 200 yards from the ford of tumble!

Yeah it hurts!

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