Sunday, 9 March 2014

Grafham water with super Sam and ninja Niamh

Ok so today's ride went outside Northamptonshire as we went to Grafham water, another Anglian water site. Link:  Grafham water

I'd been told that this place is similar to Pitsford and I really can see that comparison. The circuit around Grafham is a little longer, has a few more hills and has a bit more variety in terms of surfaces. As such it's a bit more challenging which is good for Sam. However it's also 30 minutes from our house as opposed to ten for Pitsford.

Grafham today was absolutely heaving. We were lucky to get a parking space, it took 15 minutes to get a parking ticket and there was no way I was wasting my life in the cafe queue. Today's hot chocolate was made by me at home. Another limitation was the play areas. Where Pitsford has everything, Grafham has swings and a slide.

Like Pitsford there is a big bike shop, with hire if that's what you need. Unlike Pitsford the circuit  includes sections on public roads.

I think we'll definitely go back to Grafham at times but it does come second to Pitsford for me and a definite third when you compare it to Fineshade Woods. That might sound spoilt and that's the truth. Round here we are spoilt for great places to ride!

Lovely view

Quick rest stop

Like I said lovely day

Action shot

The track had variable surfaces

Back in the very full carpark

Hot choc at home, rated very highly!

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