Tuesday, 4 March 2014

rule #9 clarified, if its frost or snow stick to turbo!

So the plan was this...start riding in the morning before work again. I get an hour from 7-8, it's Devine. The most peaceful, mindful, enjoyable hour of my day. The world at that time of day is quiet, sort of still. I've often startled deer that you don't see later in the day, I've rounded a corner to a red kite in the middle of the road, I see foxes and a badger has darted across the road in front of me. At this time of year you also get to see the sunrise. You can't beat it.

As I was leaving my wife said:"be careful there's frost on the cars." "Don't worry the roads will be fine," I over confidently replied. They were fine not a wobble or a slip for more than 10 miles. Then coming up the hill into Draughton I hit ice and inevitably smack! I was off. No harm done to me other than dented pride and initially the bike felt ok. On the very next hill I changed down and the derailleur crashed into the back wheel. Rear hanger very bent. I did a quick Heath Robinson fix and limped home sheepishly.

The less than 6 months old Forme Longcliffe 2.0, known affectionately as Clive, is now back at C&DCYCLES in Andy's capable hands. It's likely to need a new derailleur and definitely a new hanger. I've never needed a new derailleur on any previous bike, Clive is about to get his third after an identical incident at Christmas. I'm not learning am I?

Ok so this blog is about the routes. This is a typical one hour ride for me. I've got 3 regular morning routes. I like to do about 15 miles at my standard plod with a bit of hills and a lot of countryside. I think I'll wait a month before introducing you to the others. I'm going to get back into the habit of cycling at that time but I'm sticking to the turbo until April.

This was the beautiful sunrise looking from Maidwell to Draughton. The keener eyed of you will notice there are some clues on the road to my impending peril!

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