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Warwickshire Wanderer 100km Audax + Extended Calender Event 100km

Another guest blog this time it's C&DCYCLES true endurance man, Phil 'The Beast' Broxton. I haven't got his html embed code yet for Strava so I will update this when I do. Until then here's a link to this epic 144 mile ride: strava link

Thanks Richard for the invitation to have a guest blog.

Having had a Dawes Audax bike since 1999, I finally did my first Audax last September. I've managed a few since then in different forms, which need describing in their own blogs.

This was a ride I'd spotted a couple on months ago starting from Meriden, the centre of England and the Memorial for Cyclists that died in the Great War. I first rode to the memorial with a late colleague Guy Barber and members of Northampton CTC in the late 90's.

After a later than planned start at 07:15, I was looking forward to enjoying the comfort of my new bar tape and being able to transfer my watts through a new chain and cassette... before I got to Spratton, my chain started skipping. After a few miles, i realise that my middle ring was worn, so could only use my large or small ring.

I had the option in Audax terms to 'Did Not Start' (DNS)    see for details and ride opportunities. My membership number is n1678 if you'd like to see some of the rides I've completed.

As I rode through Rugby, I forgot not to use my middle chain ring as I went round a right hand bend with a bus behind me as my chain slipped again. Navigating through Coventry was a challenge, following my Garmin took me through some underpasses and rough cyclepaths.

The start time from Meriden was 09:00, I arrived after 09:30 and visited the memorial before checking in. I left the base after 10:00hrs with a time limit of 11:50hrs to get to the first checkpoint in Wellesbourne. Before then I stopped for a photo and treated myself to some sun cream. I then managed to arrive in Wellesbourne and check in at the church hall just in time - they reported that the last cyclists were about 20 minutes ahead of me. After a water refill i hit the road again, my glutes were burning from using my big ring.

I knew that the only significant climb was at Burton Dassett Country Park, which I first road alongside my C&D brothers as part of the Wiggle Circuit Breaker and my first 200km ride last October. It was the same hill, this time there was no wind, the sun was out, I've come to enjoy the challenge of hills, i kept breathing and pedalling.

The next stop was at Harbury Working Men's Club. Outside there were loads of cyclists enjoying their lunches on the grass. As I went in, I was chuffed to see a fellow Sky Ride Leader Ritchie Dixon from MK, who's one of my cycling heroes. Last year he completed the London-Edinburgh-London 1600km Audax in 4 days (over 200 miles per day). As we chomped on the provided cheese rolls, cups of tea and slices of cake, he advised that he'd left MK at 04:00hrs to ride to Meriden to do the 160km ride and planned to be home by 22:00hrs after riding 300kms - no sweat. He does this on his 2011 Ridgeback, which he got a great deal on last year.

I did the returning 30+ miles back to Meriden with Ritchie at a good pace and hit 100 miles. when we got back we were treated to beans on toast and endless tea. I then wished Ritchie a safe journey and headed back to the memorial, where i was interviewed by Ed Holt from CTC, who was riding a nice Pearson Fixie. He told me about 'shadow rides' he went on where he wouldn't plan a route, he'd follow his shadow at junctions, which was nice.

Home time, the ride back through Coventry then Rugby in the evening sun was nice, I stopped at a supermarket after Rugby and treated myself to a forgoodnesshake recovery drink and twin pack of pork pies. I later stopped for a telephone box shot for Xavier, who should be able to tell me where it was - I'd done my 200km target by this point.

I kept going and passes the Oswin's and resisted more water/tea and disrupting kid's bedtimes, then steadily finished my 12 hour ride on my namesake the 'Brixworth Beast'.

cheers Richard      


I love the idea Phil that amongst all the sports nutrition that cheese rolls, beans on toast and pork pies were your fuels of choice. Very athletic indeed! Thanks mate, great guest blog. This place is really taking shape thanks to all the contributions from the club!

Happy Peddaling

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