Sunday, 18 May 2014

C&DCYCLES the return of super Sunday

Action shot of the brothers and sister of today's ride

After an already epic weekend, with Friday's massive Saints result, way too much ale, the Saints result, way too little sleep, Saints, a good ride yesterday, Saints and then an excellent Turkish meal at the Old Bank (highly recommended,) Saints plus suffering with a cold, then today's ride felt like a pedal too far. My energy levels felt drained and I didn't think I rode well. Certainly not as well as everyone else. Then you see the stats, another load of PRs so perhaps this was better than I thought.

The ten miles to and from home took the 50 mile shop ride to a 60 mile 100km round trip for me. The route was devised a led by big Steve, Chris Barratt, Iain Tingle and Nathan Gallon took turns looking after me at the back. On a beautiful day, in near perfect riding conditions this trip through East Northants, Bedfordshire and a smidge of Cambridgeshire was picture postcard perfect. This was a quicker ride no time for snaps so I'll use my friend google to give you the idea.


Wymington Church

Remains of Motte and Bailey castle at Yelden

Very posh Kimbolton School

Hargrave village church

Raunds as it still looks today

All in all a very nice ride. The standard for the return of  Sunday rides has been set very high, so well done Steve. Thanks to the special bunch of people who rode today and to George back at the shop for making the tea. Andy (calm down there's your mention,) who still can't shut up about the magnificent Saints victory remarked that I looked a tad jaded. Hmmm that's putting it mildly! What a weekend.

Apparently Saints director of Rugby, Jim Mallinder's face is stuck like this, I know mine is!

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