Saturday, 24 May 2014

Riding in bad weather is badass, doing it when you don't need to is dumbass!

Rule 9 was tested today and the good people of C&DCYCLES decided on common sense over bravado. Many people would have gone out in the torrential downpour See here or Here. It was a disgusting day when Beans and I went for a New a years Day ride. However today, not riding feels like the right thing to do. There is really no need to risk it. There will always be another chance to ride and as Hightower pointed out, you could ride today and end up missing a lot more than one ride!

A few of us still met at the shop because my splendid wife had created another piece of cake genius to mark Nathan's superb achievement in the Fred Whitton Sportive. I'm spoilt having a wife who not only supports all my biking nonsense but is able to create such amazing masterpieces out of flour, sugar and marg!

As madness say, Tomorrow is another day. I'm looking forward to a ride tomorrow.

Happy Peddaling 

The view from the bedroom window

Moist indeed

Believe or not I still left home to absolutely make sure it was horrible 

In better news I got a new phone cover from the awesome Mrs Lindsley

Nathan you can hide under your pansy umbrella but your about 8ft tall...we know it's you

Mrs lindsley made Hightower a cake to celebrate his Frank Whitton achievement

He's pleased

No idea where to cut it though!

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