Thursday, 22 May 2014

No route to post but hey some good reading!

I started this blog just as a personal record but me being me I now want a bit more. In order to do that I look at other people's blogs, in particular I look at the popular blogs which attract enough traffic to make them commercially successful. Here's some of the things I've been reading this week:

The Guardian cycling page is really really good. Lots of articles and blogs. All areas of cycling are covered and because it has the expertise of a media giant it's very well presented and user friendly. 

In the Guardian, 2 pieces stuck out for me this week. Firstly the progress of the inflatable helmet.
And then something we've all experienced in the anti Lycra venom. Interestingly it talks of the use of cycling paths and mirrors our club discussions. I think we should use cycle paths where available, others at C&DCYCLES think we are entitled to use the road. The blog in question relates to Brisbane, so it's fascinating to know things are similar on the other side of the world. Even more fascinating they talk of the Brisbane cycle loop...if only I was visiting there in just 10 weeks!

This blog is very popular and features on lots of top 10 cycling lists. I can see why, it's a nice blog.

Finally there's a new episode of Radio 5's bespoked. I'm looking forward to listening to this later, probably to get me through the admin I've been avoiding at work.

Back in the saddle tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it.
Happy Peddaling

Saints boss Jim Mallinder likes cycling too...what?
 Did you really think I was finished with the Saints excitement?

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