Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Vroom Wednesday - Best ride of the year so far for me

Another vroom Wednesday C&DCYCLES club ride where we go faster but remember club LAW 1 no man gets left behind. Tonight's route was planned and led by Chris Barratt and what a great route it was too. Also in the group was big Steve, Ken, Beans, Jonesy and I. A great group of blokes. No arse end Charlie was required as we mostly stayed together with some great group riding and a very healthy average.

I'd say the real feature of tonight's ride was the set of hills between Broughton and Rothwell, through Cransley and Loddington. There are four decent climbs in short succession and wow of wows I got a King of the Mountains on the first climb into Cransley...but then it's a really short segment and a few of us jointly hold that honour. However I don't get many KOM so I'm taking that! I also got a PR on every segment in that sequence. It was just one of those nights when I felt great and I was going to prove it. I wish every ride was like this.

As per usual the behaviour of others was amusing. We had no issues with drivers this evening but leaving Kettering on excited gentleman screamed his appreciation of men in Lycra out of his window. In another village people clapped as we went past. Very odd but quite funny.

Well after all that I'm going to reward myself with a beer.

There will be longer blogs but after such a great ride, sometimes less is more.

Happy Peddaling.

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