Tuesday, 13 May 2014

New 105 Casette, quick spin, like the gears...bottom bracket noise sounds terminal!

So I deliberated and deliberated and did some research and in the end decided not to change my chain rings to 52/39 but instead change my cogs from 10 speed 28-12 to 28-11. I did this because I found a gear ratio chart showing I'd gain more top end speed with a 50-11 (4.6) than a 52-12 (4.3) and lose none of my Granniest of Granny gears which I definitely employed on my last epic ride.

I dropped my bike off the day after the brothers and sisters of C&DCYCLES had enjoyed a grand day out at the Women's Tour. I couldn't get the day off an to be honest I'm still sulking. To make matters worse the promised guest blog from that historic occasion and splendid ride has yet to materialize. That was a week ago and as you can imagine I was literally itching to get back on the bike.

The route I chose was deliberate as there were two segments I wanted to test the new ratio out on. The top gear certainly felt like it had more oomph but no PR's this evening. An average of 15.9mph remains pretty ok by my standards.
Shiny new cogs!

However there are bigger fish to fry here. Clive is making odd noises. It sounds like the bottom bracket. In fact it sounds awful but not all the time. It's very weird and I can't blame them in the shop for not noticing it because you can ride for ten minutes or so without a squeak. Then it's clank, clunk, scrape. I keep expecting something to fall off but the only effect it appears to have on the bikes performance is it knocks my confidence and I whittle about the noise rather than get my head down. Anyway Andy at C&DCYCLES (there's your mention Andy,) said get it in first thing and they'll try to have it ready for vroom Wednesday. I hope so as I'm riding to work tomorrow and if there's no bike I'll have to walk home!

On my return to Lindsley 'Home Sweet Home,' I was presented with a slice of the most glorious recovery cake. Lee was experimenting with a new recipe for Orange & Lemon loaf. Bloody handsome!

Happy Peddaling

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