Wednesday, 14 May 2014

There once was an ugly bracket...

With bearings all rusty and brown,
Clank clank, get out,
Clank clank, get out,
Clank clank, you make me frown!

You may have guessed that my bottom bracket was indeed wrecked to bobbins. Chris at C&DCYCLES kept the evidence for me to see and how that rusty smashed up article got me round the Squires and Spires is in fact a modern day miracle. Still it's all fixed in the space of the day and Clive was super smooth for a splendid vroom Wednesday.

What a ride! Perfect weather. Warm and sunny but not too warm and very light winds. We did have a planned route and right up to Boughton Crossing we stuck to it. Then Steve decided to tinker. His aim for the evening was hill collecting and collect them we did. At Ravensthoroe Steve wanted to head North even further I'm not sure how far he wanted to go but I suspect Scotland. At this point I pointed out I might be expected home at some point and we headed off up the minor lumps through Coton to Guilsborough and then on to that monster climb into Naesby. From there we remembered it's vroom Wednesday and not mountain goat midweek and things got quick. Really quick! I got two 9th places on Strava. That 11t cog does make a difference and I love it.

The scenery tonight was stunning as ever. We passed so many landmarks again with tonight's highlight perhaps being Holdenby_House. An interesting fact about Holdenby House is my daughter Niamh had a living history trip to Holdenby House where she was a kitchen maid for the day. Later that year she did a family tree for school and we discovered that my Nan's great Aunt was actually a kitchen maid at Holdenby House!

Ubiquitous selfie

There not just jelly babies they're M&S jelly babies

Stomachs in boys and check out Olly's Gran Fondo 3 jersey

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