Saturday, 17 May 2014

C&DCYCLES Saturday shop ride: the day after the night before.

This morning I may have mentioned something. I may have mentioned that Northampton Saints beat their fiercest rival Leicester Tigers for the first time in a long time and will now play in the Aviva Premiership final. You'll be pleased to know I was there, my voice is wrecked and my ears are still ringing. I think once or twice I said something. I may even have had a chat with Stuart Nicholls, Tigers fan. I am deliriously happy about this and couldn't wait to get out this morning in my Saints cycling jersey.

This morning we split into regular and fast groups. Slow is not accurate because we weren't. The fast group set off after us and caught us eventually. I'm not sure how I rode after about ten pints of ale and four hours sleep so 22 trophies is a surprise. The route today was classic Oundle loop led by Andy, who loves the rugby and talking about the rugby and is thrilled with last nights result. Arse end Charlie was big Steve who is also thrilled that Saints beat Tigers to become the 2014 East Midlands champions. I'm sure I've got that right.

I like this route a lot. For starters the Brigstock bumps are nice down rather than up. It was also beautiful weather, which means the cycling tan is underway. To be honest I'd have been happy in a Blizzard in Siberia I'm so happy today!

The quick lads catch us at Barratt's Corner, Aldwinkle

Quick pic on the roll, my hand wasn't that steady, did I mention why?

Oh how did that get there?

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