Tuesday, 6 May 2014

SpiderSam and I take on Rockingham Motor Speedway

Tonight Sam and I had the rare opportunity to cycle around Europe's fastest motor racing circuit Rockingham UK.

This event was organised by the Scouts as a fundraiser and that's why Sam is in his Cubs uniform. He is however wearing his Spiderman buff to keep it real as far as cycling attire is concerned. It was a real privilege to ride on such a smooth surface and although banked it's not severe like a bike track, in fact it's fair to say the banks at Wickstead Park Go-Kart track (which is in reality a vintage velodrome,) are more of a worry. My fastest lap was 19.3mph which is way off the 24mph record for the circuit, I did however hit a top speed of 29mph so I'd love to be able to go back as a club and have a real smash at a fast lap as a train. I'm not sure if it was the tailwind or a slight downhill in the first section but it was much quicker starting than finishing.

Sam enjoyed a couple of leisurely laps whilst I thrashed round. I hope the Scouts do this again, I'd love to go back and have another crack at it.

Happy Peddaling

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