Thursday, 13 November 2014

Filthy Franz

So I managed another off road commute today. This 29er malarkey still feels abit alien but...I bloody love it. Well it's cycling isn't it and it's a bit different so its livened up my journey to work.

Today was very muddy! This off road stuff is like that I understand. The worst bit was the Glendon to Rushton track which was just a big puddle in places. It was also dark but as you all know I have that very bright light. Talking of which the old one23 lit up several bunnies and a bambi in Weekly Woods. FG hThe j - sorry my dog Harvey is jealous of the iPad and decided to add to the blog. Anyway on my return home it was a rinse down for both Franz and I - no need to let standards slip!

Do you think I need a shower darling? 

I've solved my potential puncture problem the easy way with a bottle of Joe's no flats yellow gel. I know Stan's is a superior solution but this was only a tenner and as my tubes had removeable valve cores it was easy peasy. Being able to cycle over the rough stuff with confidence and a reduced fear of flats really does improve the cycling experience. Hopefully I can do it all again tomorrow!

Happy pedalling 

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