Sunday, 9 November 2014

Steve's Super Sunday Smashing Remembrance Ride

My word what a brilliant ride this was! For starters this was a huge group for a Sunday ride. Steve picked a fantastic route visiting former WWII airfields at Chelveston, Kimbolton, Poletobrook and Grafton Underwood plus a bomber crash site between Oundle and Brigstock. A very fitting tribute ride to this very special Remembrance Sunday.

I've gone a bit picture mad but it was worth it given the places we visited and the beautiful day we had in contrast to yesterday. So that's two weekends in a row with polar opposite days! Steve being a mine of information took us to the surviving flying fortress hangar where apparently Errol Flynn was based. Then Steve's quote of the day: "he must have fathered loads of kids round here as he was a bit of a Lothario!" The Prince of profanity's capacity to surprise is always...erm a bit of a surprise.

Enjoy the pictures:

Nat gets mechanical assistance from ghost Neil

Monument at Chelveston

close up

Kimbolton airfield monument

Still Kimbolton

A conversation about topiary

Monument Polebrook

Massive hangar originally for B52s'

What a beautiful day

Lancaster Bomber Crash Site

Lovely little monument to the crew

Group gathers at Grafton Underwood

Monument to a massive airfield

Another group shot

Frank's magnificent moustache

On the ride, as usual the banter flowed and as usual there was a fair bit of smut. The Prince of Profanity lacking his usual rival was taken on by the Princess of Profanity in Nat. She's getting out of hand really and is trying way too hard to keep up with the lads! I won't elaborate though - what goes on the ride stays on the ride!

For me personally I think this was my best ride of 2014. We had some really group riding with a good peloton at times and safety was well observed. My legs had never felt stronger until they started to go at 50+ miles. I think the weight loss is starting to help and I'm also encouraged by some very kind comments about my shrinking girth.

Clive was filthy so I gave him a once over. This might not be the best thing to say but I've given up on specialist chain degreasers having discovered that GT85 does just as good a job for half the price. So rinse down, degrease and re-oil was the order of the day. It only takes ten minutes and is well worth the effort.

Finally a big shout to my Mum & Dad for a splendid Sunday lunch with a well deserved beer. They also took the dogs out for me so I could get on with this. Sam helped me edit the video and I was pleased to learn from him that the minis at KRFC observed a minutes silence too. Sam is now furiously promoting my youtube account in the hope that we will get rich on my bike videos!

I'm going to say it again: Steve that route was magnificent, thank you so much. I can't wait for next weekend!

Happy Pedalling

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