Saturday, 8 November 2014

C&DCC Saturday Social Ride 8th November 2014

It always is and always will be my favourite ride of the week. It's not the quickest or the longest but it's where the club started and I feel we should never lose sight of that. The route is one people have seen before, taking in the monster that is East Farndon Hill and was created by Jonesy.

Andy toddled off with the speed freaks and I led the social group with Jonesy as my tail gunner. I'm not sure how it was for the quicks but my group were superb. It certainly had more leaders than the two of us which really helps.

Andy and his special name badge

Back at the death star we were treated royally. Firstly the bikes were watched by the shop lads to prevent any thefts. Then a combo of Jonesy and Mrs Smith provided us with a plethora of very good cakes. More of this and Mrs Lindsley's crown of Queen of Cakes might slip. On that I informed Rich that Guinness cake had been made but not for him, he said publicly he would put on a brave face but would probably weep in private later.

Cake by Martin and Mrs Smith

The trouble with providing a video is you kind of know about the ride. So for interest I'm going to review some of my new kit. First of all I have a pair of seal skin waterproof socks. I think they're fantastic and certainly when paired with my overshoes it's very comfortable. It's also made me take the tape off the ventilation on my shoes which has added to the comfort. On a day like today that was all very welcome. So £25 is a lot for a pair of socks but these are a lot more than a pair of socks.

My other bit of kit is the Garmin Virb Elite camera. I like it a lot. Right now I have it on the handlebar mount, meaning it can be a bit bouncy at times or if I'm swerving around you'll get a bit seasick, I do like the functionality of it being on the bars though. I'll be interested to see Rob's chest mounted Go Pro footage for comparison. I did tease him at the shop about 'tit cam,' but it's all in good fun. I don't really want to start a Garmin v Go Pro war! One of the good things about the Virb is the chunky buttons making it easy to use even in gloves. So far so good. I hope others are enjoying the videos. I'm enjoying putting them together.

Not my actual camera - it can't take pictures of itself

Right well Steve has a special remembrance ride planned for tomorrow. Im looking forward to that, especially as there's still plenty of cake to refuel on.

Happy Pedaling

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