Saturday, 15 November 2014

Saturday club ride - The Fast Show

I thought I wouldn't do this until 2015 but once the leaders were announced for the Saturday club rides I thought that's it...I'm having a crack at the fast group. This goes against the grain of what I've been saying about Saturday being about the club and Sunday being my day for personal goals. I did however think Claire would do a great job of leading the banter bunch and that others would help her. As far as I know that's exactly how things panned out in the other group.

 I was up by half six and feeling a bit stiff in the back I made sure I did my Pilates before breakfast. Really I should do this every morning, it takes 5 minutes and it makes a big difference to my back. Also it strengthens my core and all cyclists should do this type of work. Kit was on and I got the bike out ready to leave at quarter past and there was a flat back tyre again! I changed it as quick as I could but all of a sudden I was leaving at half past to join a ride in fifteen minutes and the journey to the shop usually takes me twenty. Oh well it was a good warm up for what was to come and I whipped past the shop with the banter bunch pointing up the road and caught the quickies at the lights!

So I just carried on hoping I was up to it. Once again there were compliments about my weight loss and I have to say I'm really noticing the benefit. Today was big evidence because although I found it hard at times I never felt like I couldn't keep up. Going up the Brigstock Bumps final climb I got a shout "come on Rich drag me up here!" It was Rich McNab who I though had gone with the banter bunch so it was quite a surprise to see him. Cool though, he made a late decision to go with the quicks and had been on the back for ages. So I guess that means I hadn't been at the back much then!

I have some velominati rules of cycling infringements to discuss. The worst offender is Stuart who insists on wearing a camel back to ride a road bike. I've let this go for a few weeks but I can't hold my silence any longer. Rule #32 Humps are for camels no hydration packs.

oh...looks like I forgot the rule about frame mounted pumps!

Yes you Stuart!

OK joking aside let's talk about something serious. Steve's arse! Bear with me here I haven't developed a man crush for the Prince of Profanity's perfect posterior, I've just realised something very crucial to my own cycling development. Steve led this ride today like the road warrior he is. Most of us allowed him to pull us along which means he rode quick today and did the majority of work taking the headwind. If Phil is the 'beast' the Steve is a mega monster! So I've realised if I want to keep the average heading in the right direction I need to spend a lot more time keeping up with Steve and ultimately looking at his bum from the closest safe distance. With that in mind I chose my track for this weeks ride video.

Having kept up so well I was absolutely fed up when I got another puncture. Only Ken from the group heard my shout so we got left on our own. Massive thanks to Ken for staying with me and there are now a couple of bottles of the good stuff with your name on it! So more punctures? This is getting ridiculous. Back at the shop I had a decision to make and I decided to ditch my back tyre. To be fair it's done about 4000 miles so I've had my moneys worth. As there was no GP4S available I went for another gator but matched the sizes so I finally have two 25mm tyres. Close inspection of the old tyre revealed tonnes of little holes and most of these had sharp stones in them. So my guess is these have been intermittently working their way towards the tube and causing the issue. As ever great service from the shop and I guess I've started spending my birthday money already!

Back at the shop we were treated to some more cake genius from my wife, the Queen of cakes. This is her entry for the NCC bake off and if I was judging she'd win. Her famous Guinness cake got her through to the final so we'll see. People were asking for the recipe so here you go:


Well that's it for today but as you know tomorrow is Sunday and that means a bit further but thankfully not faster! We're going back up Neville Holt apparently. I'm guessing Steve's butt will disappear from view unless I'm on my very top form!

Happy Pedalling

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