Thursday, 6 November 2014

Franz second pre work adventure

Flipping freezing would be my early assessment this morning after a few weeks of indecisive weather we had a proper frost. My cycling sartorial elegance was disgarded for every bit of cold weather clobber I could find.  Winter bib tights plus mtb shorts, winter Jersey, medium weight rain jacket, full finger gloves and my buff as an ear warmer.

I really like my gloves.  They look as though they shouldn't be warm but the comfort gel warms up as you ride meaning you get warm but ventilated hands. I've never successful discovered if this is by design or just a happy coincidence. All I know is I will be sad when they're worn out.

It may have been cold but it was also beautiful. There's something lovely about a sunny frosty morning. I find it induces a very happy mood. Well it does on a bike. All the car commuters continued to look miserable as sin.


So my two routes were a little different to yesterday and thankfully without incident which was lucky because I took the wrong spares kit and only had 700c tubes which don't exactly fit. Not that it mattered because I also forgot my pump! Anyway no repeat of yesterday's drama. 

On the way home I used the track from Glendon to Rushton with my way once again lit up beautifully by my superb light. This was a different surface for my new 29er with a rutted track and then grass. It was great fun. I love this new bike.

This track is one I used to bring Sam down on the bike seat to look at the trains. Then he'd nod off on the way home and I'd end up tipping him back up the right way by leaning the opposite way on the bike. Here's some nostalgic pics of the way we used to do it.

That's the bike seat but it's Niamh not Sam at Center Parcs

Go Super Sam

Center Parcs again...sorry for my irresponsible boardman attitude to helmets!

Love this pic of Lee and Sam

So this is Sam on the Glendon to Rushton track

I hope no one minds the trip down memory lane!

Happy pedalling

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