Sunday, 16 February 2014

Strava is an obsession!

Ok so it's the first nice day in ages, sunshine, no rain, lighter winds. Result! This is the day to smash out 130km (80 miles) and complete the February Gran Fondo challenge. The keener eyed of you will already have spotted the 79.8 that Strava recorded. That's right 5 1/2 hours in the saddle and I'm short! Challenge 99% complete! major fail! The problem was my phone froze meaning I had no idea if I'd done enough or not. The lemonade from those lemons is I'll just have to try again, probably on Thursday.

My chosen route was to use the Old (as in the village) TT circuit of around 10 miles, do 7 laps and the bit to and from the circuit. Now for some that may sound a bit repetitive but hey it was a beautiful day and the route has points of interest. The very straight bit of road leading to Lamport used to run alongside a military runway. The Lamport airfield was used for reconnaissance missions in WWII and then housed nuclear missiles during the Cold War. Hard to believe isn't it! Then there's also Lamport House if you're into stately homes.

I had a serious ear worm for the ride having watched a great cycling video featuring Brett Bellchambers

Solo Twenty-Four from Sixth Row on Vimeo.

Thanks to Brett I can't rid myself of the woodpecker song. F you can't beat them join then so beware C&DCYCLES I'm going to punish you with this ditty for weeks!


The peaceful view across the old airfield

War memorial to the reconnaissance operation

What a beautiful day

So much better than the view from the turbo in my shed

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