Saturday, 8 February 2014

Hurricane Dave

Well that was brutal...I loved it! There's something rewarding about riding on tough days. You have accept your average will be low and the strava PR's aren't under much threat know it's money in the bank in terms of building strength for nicer days to come.

Today I rode a bit with C&DCYCLES and a bit on my own. Just for good measure I took on four of the toughest hills around these parts. Rocky hill is always a big challenge especially as it was against the wind today. The others at Ashley and Cottingham are pretty fierce and I really didn't need Arthingworth to Kelmarsh towards the end of my ride.


Today's ride is named Hurricane Dave because of the blowiness and in memory of Roger Lloyd Pack. On Facebook it's national Dave day...after Rodney!

I nearly didn't get out this morning, as I tried to put the overshoes on Harvey set up camp on my feet!

I was so glad I had these in my pocket to keep me going today

And of course I had my ubiquitous kitkat!

All that windy action sets me up for the rest of the day. The dogs still need their walk but after that I can enjoy the rugby, come on England followed by come on you saints with as much beer and pizza as I like. Yes that's the truth of a good ride, you can get it down your neck without any calorific concerns.

Happy Dave day, peddle for Trigger!

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