Friday, 21 February 2014

flipping freezing lap of Pitsford reservoir

The last in the half term Supersam series. We headed to what I consider to be Northamptonshire's best country park Brixworth. This place has it all: great play areas, walks, nature reserves, fishing, sailing, a bike shop (before I found C&DCYCLES I swore by Pitsford cycles,) barbecue/picnic area, outdoor fitness equipment and of course the 7 mile loop of the reservoir. This really is ideal for riding with kids because it's mostly flat, it's also good to walk or run round but hey I prefer to see the world on two wheels.

We were all set for a good ride with Sam confidently predicting we'd easily do two loops. Then we got going. It was cold. Too cold. Poor Sam was in bits but he manned up and we pushed through numb fingers and toes and got round. That's the trick with cycling. Carry too much kit and it annoys you, if you haven't got enough you'll be cold and no one likes that. I got it wrong! Sorry Sam.

We warmed back up in the cafe and Sam picked out a potential new bike. Niamh has a specialized hot rock and he wants one too. Of course that's not all, he told he he needs a road bike too. Back in the cafe Sam had his third hot chocolate of the week.  Now as surveys go this is worth listening to. Sam rated his best hot choc of the week as the one at fineshade. The other places did not do marshmallows, for Sam that's a heinous crime!

It may have been cold but it sure was beautiful. Check out the pictures. How can you not like that?


Looks beautiful doesn't it?

Action shot on the causeway

What a view

Action shot through the woods

Warming back up

Good carrot cake

Another cafe another hot chocolate

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