Wednesday, 19 February 2014

it is a great ride but not right now!

Ok so I sold this ride to Sam as the best bit of downhill in Northants and it's true if you don't attempt this route in the middle of the wettest winter on record, you'll have a splendid ride. Sam was great. We walked nearly half this route because it was unrideable. I kept apologising. He kept saying he liked a challenge. Sam is officially badass, I, unfortunately am a dumbass. The best thing he said was 'wait til I tell Mum, she's going to really tell you off!'

In the middle of this ride we arrived at Geddington. I attempted to tell Sam a little about the Eleanor Cross but as if by magic a Canadian Historian appeared. He told us about Edward the Confessor, how no kings since him have been faithful to their wives (including our future king,) how the cross is sighted on an ancient spring that the Romans built a temple to and that temple is now the site of the Saxon church in little old Geddington which appears to have been incredibly important in medieval England. Also they weren't crosses at all but situated on crossroads. Wow! I could have listened to this guy for hours but we had to get to Brigstock which at that point we foolishly thought was half an hour away!

The end destination is pretty good as it's another of our splendid country parks and the place where they started the red kite reintroduction. I think we all know how well that went. One of the winged monsters landed in a field near us. They are so cool and frankly ten a penny round here! The big attraction of the country park was, you guessed it, the cafe. Sam was not only greeted by hot chocolate and a cookie but his Mum had also turned up with a change of clothes. Surprisingly I didn't get told off. She just said: "I'm sure he loved it anyway!" Apparently I promised to take him back when it's not so muddy!!!

So far so good this is a nice track

Hmm we had to go 'off off road' because the 'off road' had been churned up by loggers

See it's a mess!

Ah that's better but Sam is already a soaked mess so a quick text to Mum to bring dry clothes!

These road things are a good idea...

It's got a explanatory plaque but when you have your expert who needs that?

Geddington's Eleanor Cross

It's getting tough

This is why!

Can you please tell me when we get to the 'good' bit?

Well deserved cookie and hot chocolate

Look at the state of those! Sums it up really doesn't it?

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