Thursday, 20 February 2014

No punctures in Scaldwell!

Today's Strava ride name is in honour of the GB Ladies curling team. If you didn't see it they yell at their sweepers with braveheart ferocity. I wanted to go fairly quick so please ignore my paltry average. Do pay attention to the PR's which I'm quite pleased with.

The route was standard fare for me: Orton, Loddington, Draughton, Lamport, Scaldwell, Holcot, Old, Loddington, Orton, Harrington and back to Rothwell. Some beautiful roads and my all time favourite Holcot causeway which crosses Pitsford reservoir, another local treasure but more about that tomorrow.

Did I mention it was a beautiful day?

Really beautiful!

These days were made for cycling!

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