Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fineshade Wood - A superb family ride with Sam

Today's ride was at the superb Fineshade Wood which is North of Corby. This Forestry Commission site is a fantastic resource with a bike shop (Rutland Cycles,) a cafe, toilets, play areas and to top it all a well signposted and maintained woodland cycle circuit of around 6 miles with additional 'skills loops,' for youngsters ready for a bit more of a challenge. For bigger people looking for even more you can warm up on the skills loops (rated Blue) before heading over the road to Wakerley Woods - Scartree Trail (rated Red.) It's three pounds to park and I think you get more than your money's worth for that price. The really big thing for me is that Sam absolutely loves it. I want to encourage him to cycle as often as possible and this place really motivates him. I'm also looking forward to the day when he can show me how it's done over the road at Wakerley.

Also worth a look at is that bike Sam's riding. The little Scott kids MTB was bought for our eldest son Joe in about 2003, it was passed down to Niamh and later to Sam. It cost my Dad around 200 pounds and just proves he's very right that you get what you pay for. When Sam moves onto a bigger bike that little Scott will need a new home because there's a lot more life in it yet!

Supersam ready to go

Red kites everywhere

Here we go

Blue rated skills loops ideal for kids to learn trail riding on

The boy has style

A groovy style and a bike that just won't stop!

Good skills Sam

Time for a bigger bike?

No worries!


We always have to stop at the tree house

But hey it's quality so who cares?

Like all 'real' cyclists Sam understands the importance of the Cafe!

I love challenging myself, I love getting out on the roads on my own, I love riding with my mates at C&D Cycles but nothing compares to getting out with Sam. I think we ought to do it again tomorrow!

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  1. After reading this I took my two girls(5 and 7) there this weekend. They loved it, even more that then main track they loved the skills loops, made them feel like "real mountain bikers". What a find, Thanks