Friday, 2 January 2015

A bit of off road action

 So I decided to check out one of my favourite off road routes using Weekly Woods, the Boughton Estate and the bridlepath from Geddington to Brigstock. The last time I did this was a bit of a pain as it was boggy through the Boughton Estate and it got worse and worse. I promised Sam a great ride and it was nothing but. However I was confident that things would be better this time.

If you wanted to try this ride, Weekly woods is easily accessible from Kettering or from further afield there are places to park near the woods. There's a Harvester (I'm not going to call it a pub,) a very well stocked garage with a subway attached and a starbucks all at the start and finish point.

Here's one of the reasons for my confidence. Instead of a rutted mudfest the entrance to the Boughton Estate part of Weekly Hall Wood is now a gravel track and that extends well into the woods until the surface becomes more consistent.

The track was a joy to ride on and whomever made the decision to lay this wants a big pat on the back. I followed the track all the way to Grange road and into Geddinton. From there I used the bridlepath through Geddington chase and into Brigstock on a raod called 'Clay Dick.' The inbetweeners missed that one! I will let the video tell the tale of that journey. Let's just say it was alright until it wasn't and I'm not going back until we've had a prolonged dry spell.

Once in Brigstock the first thing I did was put my bike in the river to try to clear some of the mud. I'm sure passers by thought I was made but Franz was absolutely caked! I then headed back to Geddinton via Grafton and the small matter of the Brigstock Bumps. Then it was back into Weekly Woods and home.

It's a nice 20 mile route but perhaps one for the summer.

Happy Pedaling

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