Sunday, 11 January 2015

Windy little road ride

Today's ride started with a disappointment, proved that my new bib tights are a good purchase and confirmed that Northants is beautiful and I love riding here.

I couldn't decide this morning whether to go for a road ride or an off road ride. I decided to check which bike had the camera mount on and go for that. It turned out it was Clive, my road bike, so road it was!

It wasn't icy but there was a bitter chill to the air and a stiff breeze. Otherwise it was a bright, sunny, dry day. No need for a rain jacket then. I put my new endura bib tights on for the first time. It was instantly obvious that these were warmer and better made than the altura ones I've upgraded from. I also chucked on a couple of base layers, my trusty buff, overshoes and my new seal skin winter gloves. That ensemble worked great and after a few miles I was comfortably warm. The bib tights have a teflon coating to repel water. The queen of cakes joked I would slide off my saddle like an egg in a non sticck pan. She was right, They are a bit slippy!

As I rolled off down the road something clattered off my bike. I turned round to see my knog rear light in the road. Having been impressed with this bit of kit I was even more surprised to find the elastic band bracket had snapped. £40 light ruined in two months!

I wasn't that impressed at that point and riding on in an oppressive wind did not particularly lift my mood. On the way out of Rothwell I saw the remnants of the C&DCycles CC Sunday Group. I'm not sure how they did a 50 miler today, I really wasn't up for it!

As per usual I went from annoyance to euphoria just by riding my bike. I was only going to do an hour and this got extended. I'm glad I did because I bumped into Phil 'the Beast' Broxton on his way back to Brixworth. Those pictures really do show what a stunning day it was. The video will give you some idea of how hard the wind was blowing. I was hoping for a wind assisted segment but nowhere was quite right for 'hurricane KOM.'

Enjoy the video, happy pedaling.

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