Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Thanks 2014, you were awesome...2015 you have a lot to live up to!

This is the current view from my Lounge window. All that ice only means one thing. No riding for me today and that means 2014 is done. I started this blog to capture my year on the bike. Along the way I've racked up 4228 miles in 298 hours of cycling. I've road biked, off road biked, cycled in Australia, ridden with the club, other friends and my best cycling friend, my youngest son, Sam. Here's some highlights in pictures:

Club rides


Sam did a project for his hobby badge

Some of the weather was amazing!

Super Sam ready to ride

FiƱeshade woods

Great hot choc at Fineshade

Possibly not the best day to be in Geddington Chase

More hot choc

Pitsford reservoir looking stunning

More club rides

The weather wasn't always great

Looks lovely...moments later I came off on ice!

One of many visits to Oundle

The club celebrates our first birthday

Is it a good idea to cycle through a ford?!

I bought some great stuff, my one23 light is superb

Nige drove up from Plymouth to join a club ride

Like I said the weather wasn't always great

We said goodbye to a old family friend

Sam got a new steed

Northants has bags of history

That's right you be careful!

My favourite solo ride was a loop of the Naesby battlefield 

Fairfax's view

We met a bike dog!

Clive is an attention seeking bike 

He got very dirty

Then very clean again!
Top blokes

Photo bombing buffoons

And again

Squires and Spires Sportive

Oh look it's Nice and Pete...their friend crashed so they didn't complete the ride

Clean again!

Nathan took on the Fred Whitton hill fest

So we made him a cake

Phil was once again the 'beast' of us all

Ooh how did that get there? Saints still champions!!!

Not everything went well

I sold my Orange

The sealed knot photo bombed me in Naesby

Told you...bags of history

More cleaning

Silly billies

I'd like less punctures in 2015

Steve found this...I nearly laughed out a lung!

Beetroot smoothie to prevent cramp...gullible cyclist!

More cake!

Those Fondo challenges were popular!

Cycling in Australia

Photo bombed by the Straddie sign

Now that's a cycle path

So's that

Lookout point Straddie

Being watched by skippy

Fellow fisherman

300kms of track...I'm going back to do it all

Through the mangroves


You should stay awesome!

Tony Talbot set an awesome challenge 150 miles in four laps 

We helped out a bit

Lovely tea stop

Tony and Nat complete the challenge



Group shot at Clipston

Steve led from the front in 2014

We couldn't doit without Andy, thanks for keeping us rolling in 2014

I do like a good phone box

Not quite up to Australian standard

Pointless! Sort it out in 2015 KBC

Good to ride with mates

At least five pics happy?

Probably the most improved rider of 2014

I wonder what the joke was? We had many!

Great pic Neil

Even cuz Iain got a road bike

Cycling clothes are an acquired taste

I got a new bike

My Garmin Virb is also useful

On Remembrance Sunday we toured WWII airfields in Northants

I think it was my favourite ride of 2014

Cleaned again!

Movember looks good on Frank

Always funny

New back light!

Sam voted fineshade number 1 for cycling and hot choc

Back from a muddy ride

As the weather closed in it was turbo time much to Ben's bemusement

Christmas Eve ride

As it turns out 27.12.14 was my last ride of the year

So that's it 2014. What a year, what an absolutely stunning year. There are many people to thank but one I need to thank the most. Mrs Lee Lindsley; thanks for putting up with me, thanks for supporting my cycling, massive thanks for organising Australia and most of all thanks for your magnificent cakes.

Happy pedaling in 2015

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