Sunday, 18 January 2015

I had a plan, the plan got broken...I changed the plan

Having announced my plan on Facebook to head to Market Harborough and then take the Brampton Valley Way to Pitsford, round the ressie and home, this will come as a surprise. It started bad, I made a poor decision and it got worse! Then I turned things round and well, it was a good day to be on a long as you avoided that shiny cold stuff!

The Sunday C&DCycles club ride was cancelled for safety reasons. It seems not all clubs called it the same way and I understand there's some bruised bodies around the county as a result. No criticism, you make your call and take your chances we all know the risks. A bad day on a bike will always beat a good day at work!

As a result I decided on some off road after midday on the theory that tracks are more grippy, off road tyres are more grippy and once the sun had been out it would get more grippy! Gripping stuff eh! I went to get Franz out of the shed and the depressing sight of that flat front tyre greeted me. I didn't get it, the thing is full of 'no flats' sealant and it stays up for weeks at a time. Anyway I went through the blow it up and spin it routine and after a couple of goes it felt OK again. Big mistake!

The first part of my route was a bit of exploration around Green Lane in Desborough. What a find! This is a great little track. Half way round Green Lane my front went flat again. No matter I know the score, the sealant just needs to take hold and hey I've got CO2 so this will be a doddle. I went from flaccid to hard faster than Pele can cash in on a blue pill advert and was underway again. As I finished Green Lane on the road between Arthingworth Road and Harrington the tyre was flat again. More Gas, it went back down. Pump, pump, pump. Flat! Blistered finger...flat! So I walked home!

Looks lovely doesn't it

Entrance to Green Lane

Nice little track

Ice on the road to Thorpe Underwood

Flat tyre

Grumpy Richard

Nasty pump gave me a booboo

Stunning day for a walk!

I guess the flytippers are unconcerned about the neighborhood watch

Walking shadow shot

Yeah, yeah Rowell church looks lovely today too...

Oooh I think I can see the problem here

The walk back wasn't too bad really. I had a nice chat with a bloke on a touring bike and got to see the Police make polite inquiries with the travelers. When I got back I got the pesky tube out and discovered that there are in fact five holes so no wonder the no flat sealant is failing. I replaced the tube (why didn't I just do that in the first place?) and set off for a few more miles after a quick cup of coffee. On other days I may have just quit but look at the pics it was glorious, if a little deadly, out and about. With time now at a premium I headed to the off road tracks of Prologis Park, Weekly Woods and the Glendon to Rushton track (Rich McNab take note these are MTB options around Kettering!)

Oh goody Bunker Hill

Prologis Park

Start of Weekly Woods

Told you, beautiful out!

Just lovely

Glendon to Rushton track

Quintessential English Village scene 
Sun setting over the cricket pitch with the church in view
If this was scratch and sniff right now you would smell Sunday Lunch wafting from the Thornhill Arms
This was the worlds longest photo caption

Heading home

The second ride was much nicer. Even a tumble in Prologis Park due to an icy corner was OK. I serenely slid to the floor and just ended up in a quite relaxed pose to the bemusement of the dog walkers. I like my 29er much better without soft tyres. So you see Andy...I did get a floppy today!

Today's video contains copyright free music. When you hear it you'll understand why it's copyright free. Id apologise but I've had Taylor Swift in my head all day so I have no sympathy. Haters gonna hate...hate-hate-hate-hate...

Happy Pedaling

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