Saturday, 17 January 2015

C&DCycles CC Saturday 17th January 2015

It was touch and go this morning whether the club ride would be on. A very cold night and a dusting, well more a sprinkle of snow and the odd icy puddle din't look good. However my weather rules are if there's frost on the car I don't ride. My car was frost free so on went the multiple layers of lycra. Endura winter bib tights, dhb base layer, club winter jersey, seal skin waterproof socks, seal skin overshoes overshoes, clone wars buff (up over my ears, nose and mouth,) seal skin waterproof thermal gloves and my Altura medium weight jacket. This made a winning combo and despite a windchill reaching a frosty -5C I was OK. Later in the ride Ken was to discover those seal skin gloves work better on their own and that removing the thin second pair he had on underneath, he actually warmed up from having frostbitten fingers.

We didn't really plan this ride, it more just happened. The route was the standard Pitsford loop which is always a good plan when we don't actually have a plan! Before leaving there was a chance to chat with Nathan who'd been out for an off road ride on a bike made for Hagrid.

The select few who rode this morning are all good riders so there really was little to organise. A very pleasant ride passed without incident all the way back to Kettering until an old codger whacked one of us with a wing mirror. Luckily no harm was done but the driver didn't even stop to check! Whilst we were out there was a brief flurry of snow, you can just about make that out on the video.

Well that's the cycling taken care of. Despite leaving the rest of us in his wake Big Steve also made time to share a story or two. He inquired had we seen the rather rotund couple in what he calls 'The Paper.' Look them up if you want but it's Steve so it could in fact be this story from the Mirror  As ever the industrial language accompanying the description is best left out on the road!

So now you're wondering why the normally tolerant me is engaging in some tubby bashing. Well it's this. Northamptonshire is the 5th most obese county in England. That upsets me. We have a solution though - more cycling - yes I really do think it's as easy as that!

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