Saturday, 3 January 2015

C&D Cycles CC Saturday 3rd January 2015 soggy bottoms!

Why do we do it? Well because we're lycra loonies! 7 hardy souls who should know better but don't met up at the shop for a standard Saturday 30 miler. Rule #5 and #9 were in clear evidence even if I did cash in some Christmas vouchers for warmer, more waterproof (but no match for today's precipitation,) gloves. Claire planned a Pitsford loop variation and we set into the gloomy downpour. She then decided she's had enough after a few miles. So did Claire not achieve rule #5 & #9? Well in my eyes just turning up this morning, knowing only the others who'd were testosterone stuffed ride in a blizzard types, makes her a heroine. Also I wanted to go home too so I don't blame her. The rest of us completed the ride, we even got a bit of a trundle at times. None of us went back to the shop though, we all wanted to get home and get warm! I still haven't been brave enough to get in the shower, I suspect it may sting!

Here's a very short video:

Happy Pedaling

ps Steve told a story about New Years Eve, a mankini and workboots. I just don't know where to fit it in!

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