Saturday, 6 December 2014

Sam and Dad Day 6th December 2014

Sam asked me last week: "when are we having a Sam and Dad day and when can we go and make a bike video for youtube?" Well I looked at the forecast and saw it was dry today and then there was no other choice: "Saturday Sam, how about Fineshade?" He agreed and that was that. Normally I'd do the club ride on a Saturday morning but kids come first. As it happens we had a sharp frost and I wouldn't have got the road bike out anyway. This time last year we rode in these conditions and three of us took a tumble on black ice. I lost a 105 derailleur that day and another one a few weeks later doing the exact same thing. I won't make the same mistake again and my rules are: if there's frost on the car I don't ride on the road.

So off we went to Fineshade to do the skills loops and because I haven't used it yet I thought I'd use the helmet mount for my Garmin Virb. Big mistake! Instead of getting loads of great video I mostly took footage of my front wheel. Sam was gutted when I said the footage was no good so I've put something together for him. It's a real shame because the video should reflect a brilliant ride in brilliant sunshine and beautiful woodland. We will go back because I've neglected Sam's cycling to focus on my own. That's not good enough for me. I need to get him good on his new bike and then I want him to master those blue trails and progress to the reds over the road. 

The virb may have been pants on the ride but one bit of equipment was a pure joy. Franz, my Focus 29er was tonnes of fun. The difference those big wheels make was so obvious. It's not as agile as my Orange P7 was but the pace and comfort of the ride was an absolute joy. I can't wait to test it on more challenging terrain.

Well I have pizza to make so that will have to do!
Happy Pedaling.

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