Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sunday Quick 29er Spin

I don'y know quite what's wrong with me but I'm suddenly not wanting to get out of bed early at the weekend. For that very reason I missed out on a Sunday club ride. To make up for this I decided a quick spin on the 29er was required and making use of some local trails made for a very nice ride.

Things did not start well. I was surprised to find a flat front tyre. I know I filled it with 'no flat' gunk so this was very weird. I pumped went down...I pumped back went back down!So I worked out where the leak was and span the tyre so that bit was on the floor and hopefully gravity would put the sealant right on the hole. I pumped back up and hey presto that did the trick.

Prologis Park
I strapped the garmin virb to my handlebars and set off up the best that is bunker hill. At Glendon I turned onto Prologis Park, a lovely bit of hard tracked public space. The surface is a bit loose which makes for fun riding.

Weekly Woods

After Prologis it was a quick trip over the A6003 into Weekly Woods, another piece of well laid out public space. Dodging dog walkers becomes the only issue and it was great to catch up with Nathan, the oversized copper and his tiny spaniels, well in reality they're normal sized they just don't look like it in his hands. Some good video footage to come. I didn't have time to explore but it also looks like they've improved bike access on the Boughton Estate with hard surface added to the previously heavily rutted mud tracks. That's another ride for another day.

Glendon to Rushton

After the woods I went back over the A6003. A bit of advice here, don't trust the cars to stop at the crossings. The roundabout is weird, people get it wrong and they also race the lights. I've had a massive near miss here. Just make sure they're stopping. From there I took the track from Glendon to Rushton. I'm hoping I've got some footage of a buzzard taking off from a hedge and some of the red kites too. These birds are now prolific in our area. The kites were deliberately reintroduced but the buzzards have reappeared of their own accord. The reason for their success is apparently cars! That's right the evil gas guzzlers have benefited wildlife! The bunnies, badgers, deer and squirrels disagree though. Because the secret of the raptors success is in fact roadkill!

Flat tyre? How very me!

Thankfully in a punishing wind this really was only a short ride. When I got back my front wheel started hissing again and was quickly flat. So after I hosed the bike down, I re-inflated the tyre and once again let gravity lend a hand. Hours later and the tyre remains at full pressure. Bizarre!

To recover from all that it was a trip to the Thornhill Arms, Rushton for Auntie Ann's birthday lunch. Good ale, nice steak, service was a bit slow but they were ridiculously busy. Perfect recovery food! 

Enjoy the video and happy pedaling.

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