Saturday, 20 December 2014

Lovely Saturday Club Ride - Pitsford Classic Route - A firm favourite

Group shot at Old

Well what a great ride that was! I haven't been out on the bike for nearly two weeks being stuck indoors on the turbo. Now I don't mind a bit of turbo, so far I've done a couple of sufferfest videos, done my own thing and I've also started watching True Detective whilst I ride the road to nowhere. 

Ben is bemused by the turbo

I was a bit reluctant this morning. I don't know why, I guess I had a lot to do but cycling didnt really appeal. However as soon as I got out I was loving it.Once I got to the shop I discovered there was one group, I was leading and at my request to get home early we did the pitsford classic. Thanks everyone. Also at the shop Nathan and Steve who wasn't riding turned up to see us off. Brilliant to see the big man, a true gent and also Steve with his promise of a Sunday beast of a ride.

So we set off. By Tescos we lost Alan as his tyre went bang! Conveniently he was near home so at least he could get home easily. The rest of the ride was a dream. We didn't need a leader, this was a great group and a delight to be out with. I'm going to let the video do the rest of the work as I'm short on time. I've been rushing around all day and it culminated in my eldest son, Joe and I enjoying Saints v Tigers at the Gardens. Business as usual, the champions are still the best team in the Midlands!

Where did you get that hat?

Enjoy the video and Happy Pedaling!

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