Thursday, 4 December 2014

Rule #58 support your local bike shop

I haven't ridden today but may do a bit of turbo later.  I'm blogging as I'm surprised and a bit disappointed for my favourite bike shop manager, mechanic, bike fit expert and consumer of quality cake.
I strongly believe in freedom of choice but also in loyalty.  So this isn't a judgement of others but a statement of position.
I went to C&D Cycles first in April 2013 as my bike needed a service and I felt I'd been messed about by another shop. This led to me joining the shop rides and as we are now becoming an active club member. I have said this before but I feel C&D Cycles changed me from someone who rides a bike into a cyclist. My pastime had shifted through this association from a pastime to a passion and has probably settled as a way of life.
Since that first meeting I've spent a lot of money in that shop. Every penny of it I consider to have been well spent, good value and an enhancement to my cycling (with the exception perhaps of that dodgy GP4S tyre!) With our generous club discount plus the numerous times small jobs have just been free I really can't complain. On top of that Andy and Chris bend over backwards to help me out. When I thank them they always say it's the least they can do after all I do for them! I see every mention in the blog, every ride led and every cake provided in the same way. It's the least I can do for them.
I mentioned freedom of choice. Others can choose to see it differently. It's their money they can spend it where and how they want.  That's none of my business.  There are times when you can find a better deal and promotions the shop can't match. At these times they hold up their hands and say "I don't blame you, I'd go elsewhere too." If I could afford a like for like replacement of my orange P7 I'd have done so and they don't stock Orange.
Where's this going? Well right now we are fortunate to enjoy this quality of service and value for money. Taking it for granted will be at our peril.
Happy pedaling

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