Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunny Sunday Solo Off Road Spin

After yesterday's ride with the club today was time for something different on my own. By different though I mean my tried and tested off road route to Brigstock via Geddington. I was however quite cautious because when the ground gets a bit softer the Geddington Chase bridlepath quickly becomes unrideable. There were some warning signs along the way with the odd ominous puddle but also lots of dry trails.

View of Weekley Woods from the Boughton Estate 

Same place view going into the Boughton Estate

Grange Road heading to Geddington

On the first stretch the biggest obstacle was dogs! The nice weather seems to have brought every Sunday walker and their pooches out to play and I made some new furry friends. As a dog owner myself I understand that I share the countryside with other users. 

Obligatory Eleanor Cross Shot

Thankfully those ominous puddles didn't signal the start of the boggy season. The bridlepath had the odd sludgy bit but nothing like as bad as it can get. I've had to get off and push before as mud completely clogged my wheels. I suspect a few dry days and this could be usable well into October. That was the good bit. There is one negative. Every time I go over rough ground my front derailleur gets bounced round and jams my chain. Each time this has happened I've loosened, re-positioned and then tightened up as tight as I can. I'm losing confidence with it so a trip to C&D Cycles is probably needed. I'm sure this is likely to be a 'too much power,' issue.

Heading into Geddington Chase

Usually I head back round to Geddington via the Brigstock bumps and Grafton Underwood. However just out of Brigstock the road was closed for the Cransley fun run. Flipping runners! What did I say yesterday, fitness fanatics who can't ride! Anyway this surprise was a double win bonus because I hate the bumps and I've never ridden back the way I'd came before. The reason is it's the best off road downhill in Northants, which for a hill dodger like me makes it the worst uphill off road trail in Northants! It was more enjoyable than I expected and there's also some downhill bits I've only been up before so I think this might become my regular plan.

Return Journey through Weekley Woods

In my mind I had two targets today. PR's on the pro-logis drag and Glendon railway segments. Both of these were achieved but I still have some work to do to worry the leaderboard.

There's a reason I repeat this ride often. It's really fun. Just imagine me grinning like the bloke in the Wiggle advert (Local bike shops are preferable!) Recovery food today was provided by my Mum's awesome Sunday Lunch. I'm not sure of the science involved but I'm convinced it does me good, especially paired with Dad's home brew. Post lunch we had a recovery dog walk which has done the trick because Gracie the naughty trainee guide dog is finally worn out! I also got my own back on fellow cyclists by blocking the Brampton Valley Way with Labradors.

Ridiculously cute

Happy Pedaling!

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