Sunday, 27 September 2015

Just keeping the legs spinning

After yesterday all I needed was a quick spin to keep the legs going and especially as there wasn't a club ride I headed out on my own for some light miles. I was going to do at least two hours but my time was shortened due to worries about one of my dogs. Ben, who is frankly the greatest dog I've ever known is 12 next month. He's off his food and was very quiet which is very unusual, hopefully its just a bug .

Feeling sorry for himself

Just like yesterday it would've been criminal not to ride today. It was the most gorgeous day. That was made even better by the picture postcard villages I rode through. This is one of my go to routes with a twist. Normally I go through Harrington but today I went up the sharp hill to Orton instead.

Red phone box in the pretty little village Orton

As you'd expect on such a lovely day there were stacks of lycra loonies out and about. A KCC group passed me going in the opposite direction between Harrington and Kelmarsh with many friendly smiles and waves. All of the individuals I encountered said hello but one trio of elite looking riders rode by without a raised eyebrow. Clearly I wasn't worthy of their greetings!

Quiet roads, sunny sky, beautiful countryside

There's so much to like about this route. A bit of climbing, some nice downhills and some fast flat bits. I could ride this for the rest of my life and never get bored.

and again

and again!

Red phone box at Old

Recovery today has once again been provided by my Mum's Sunday lunch and my Dad's cider. Today will be my last boozy day for a few weeks because once again I've signed up for 'Go Sober for October,' again this year. I'm starting tomorrow because on the 30th a friend has invited us round for drinks. I will however have to get through a 40th birthday party on the 17th. This is a challenge because I do love my beer, especially as I won't be able to quality control the ales I currently have in production, However it does me a lot of good, helps the McMillan charity and the boost to my weight loss through myfitnesspal will help my cycling. I will be 'bothering' people via facebook for sponsorship!

On another note I've discovered via facebook that there is now a lady going for the 'year record,' Tylen who describes herself as a Swedish pseudo-Brit is aiming to break the 77 year ladies record in the same way Kurt Searvogel and Steve Abraham are tackling the men's record. Unlike Abraham who asks people to leave him alone to ride, Tylen is asking for people to join her along the way. This could make a good club outing especially as she plans to ride fairly close to here in January. She's finishing in Market Harborough on Thursday 14th January and setting off the next day from there to Spalding.

Yesterday as those of us with class and intelligence gnashed and wailed at England's narrrow defeat to Wales and the rest of lowbrow Britain mourned the loss of their soaps and reality TV for the simpleminded, something wonderful happened. Lizzie Armistead became the Road World Champion. The men's race is taking place as I type. More details here:

Ok that's it for now
Happy Pedaling

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