Sunday, 6 September 2015

Doing my own thing...

Well SuperSam has decided to go back to playing rugby, good for him I hope he does well. That left me with a decision...go out with C&DCCC for a Steve Sunday ride or do my own thing. Well I'm not feeling fast at all right now and I decided to give 'trying to keep up,' a miss. As my ride was a 30 mile bumble at 14mph average and their's was 60 miles at 18mph average I think I did the right thing. It's something I will have to work back up to.

Does that make my ride a bit of a flop? No not all. We get so obsessed with distance and averages and segments that we end up forgetting how nice it is to ride without pressure. I set off with a rough plan but no objective other than spending a couple of hours in the saddle. The weather, unlike yesterday was perfect for cycling: dry, light winds, not too warm. It really would have been squanderous not to get out.

As ever the highlights for me were the descents. Today I thoroughly enjoyed Rothwell to Desborough, Desborough Road Drop into Arthingworth, the quick section into Maidwell, from Maidwell to Draughton, the downhill section of the Old TT circuit, the descent onto the causeway and the hill from Orton back to Rothwell.

Doing my own thing meant I had plenty of opportunities to get shots of the beautiful landscape. A picture tells a thousand words so have a look at these:

That speed camera is under no threat

Maidwell to Draughton

Draughton to Lamport

The view from the top of the hill between Draughton and Lamport

Same place different view

Might as well have a bikie

View over Pitsford Reservoir

Pitsford water causeway

Shadow shot 

In other news today is the start of the tour of Britain. Wow what a finish that was! No spoilers, I'm sure someone will be waiting for the highlights.

Happy Pedaling

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