Sunday, 13 September 2015

Cycle4Cynthia 2015...possibly the perfect day on a bike!

Well today didn't get off to a good start. I set my alarm for 05:00 and when it went off I must have missed snooze and pressed off. At 06:09 I woke up in sheer panic, not just because I needed to meet the guys at the shop by 06:45 but also because I awoke from a nightmare where someone else had done my ironing.

With no chance of meeting the rest of the C&DCyclesCC gang in time I set off on my own. Now I don't mind that at all. It says in my blog description I like riding in on my own and I do. It was a great solo ride to Althorp and I made it by about 08:15 which was plenty of time to get registered. When I arrived a large gathering of C&D lycra loonies were present and all doubled over with laughter as Steve was enjoying the attentions of a lady who may or may not have been enjoying his attentions back.

OK so editing after the day I've had is a bit of an effort so here's the pictures. I will pick up the story after the pics!

Steve and his new best mate

Pieces of food on a bike....erm good luck

Saints director of rugby Jim Mallinder

Phil and Theo at the start

Dylan Hartley and Sam Dickinson

Yay here we go

there's a cheat here!

OOOOOh there's a contraption video later

Trying to keep up

Oh my god why am I trying to keep up?

OK so the main group of the C&D lads and lasses piled off to do the 50 mile route. Meanwhile I joined Phil 'the beast' Broxton and his son Theo to do the 25 mile route. Theo was an absolute star and I really do expect him to join us on a club ride in a few years. Theo should know he's an inspiration to others as SuperSam Lindsley wants to do the 25 mile route next year, Theo did not fail on an incredibly hilly route so big kudos young man. Check out the video below:

On route in Cycle4Cynthia there were plenty of standard lycra clad carbon/aluminium framed cyclists en route and then there were some alternative cyclists! Check this video out:

Well we got back to the start/finish in good time and then there was a real carnival atmosphere. I think I've been negligent here in mentioning who Cynthia is. Cynthia Spencer House is a hospice in Northampton for cancer sufferers. As such it couldn't be a more deserving cause. Marrying into a family that has suffered way more than their fair share from the C word has taught me that this is way more than a bike ride.It's a way of trying to help. So it's massive congratulations to the organisers for creating such a brilliant event. Pray you'll never need Cynthia Spencer Hospice or her sister unit in Kettering, Cransley Hospice and if your family ever does be grateful they have such innovative fundraisers that created the Cycle4cynthia bike ride.

After the main event I got to ride back with some of my favourite lycra loonies. We were knackered but in fits and starts we tore it up on the way back. I love this club and I can genuinely say the people I rode home with are some of the best.

All in all I think that's the perfect day on a bike. Solo ride. Help the youngsters ride. Ride with mates ride.

Happy Pedalling

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