Saturday, 19 September 2015

C&D Cycles CC Saturday Shop Ride...The Fast Group!

I've been good all week. I have stuck religiously to a no booze policy and have kept under my Myfitnesspal calorie goal. That is until last night when as usual I had the usual Friday Night fail. One beer led to a few and once the dis-inhibition of alcohol kicked in the eating binge began. I'm going to give myself a break though because I did this last week and I still lost weight so it's probably ok. All of that led to my crazy decision of the day which was to ride in the fast group today.

My morning started with a dog walk at 7am. When I walked the dogs it was a bright morning with the sun just poking over the rooftops. All looked good. By the time I set out on my bike at 8:20 there was a thick fog.

At the shop it was amusing to see the variation in cycling apparel. For me this is still shorts and short sleeved jersey weather. Others appeared to be prepared for a blizzard. Banter was flowing and Andy entertained us with tales of how much he is enjoying the Rugby World Cup. I understand that he is very impressed by the magnificent physiques of Rugby Football players as compared to slighter figures of association footballers. Banter of the day goes to Jonesy's jersey. None of us have ever seen a crumpled and creased lycra garment before. Pop it round tomorrow Jonesy, I'll add it to the Sunday night ironing.

The offending garment plus Andy continues to consider Courtney Lawes thighs

Steve is overdressed and had to strip at Oundle

Nat was shivering, plus look at Neil's full fingered gloves!

So I stated my intention to Steve and told him I needed a full gas blast with the intention of hurling at some point. I do wish he hadn't taken me so literally! Whoosh! The pace from the off was blistering and I was dropped on Warkton Hill, then again going into Brigstock and again by Benefield! After that I kept up for a while as we hit a fast section and it was 20+ all the way into Oundle. Then they dropped me again and again and again. All this going too fast wears them out though and I took advantage of their breaks by catching up and going past. The stretch going back from the Twywell turn to Warkton always kills me. It's a slightly uphill slog and I was fully expecting to get dropped again. Well I did much better than I expected and was still in the group past the turn for Grafton. But then, just as Pete had remarked how well I was keeping up...I got dropped again!

The pretty as a postcard Grafton Underwood

The route we took today was probably one of the first ever used for Saturday shop rides. It's certainly a well ridden loop so many of us know it well. I really like aspects of this, most notably going down, not up the Brigstock bumps and then going through some of the nicest villages you'll ever see. As Nat remarked to me on the ride, we're very fortunate to have beautiful countryside on our doorstep. Also the sun coming out, really, really helps!

Back at the shop I had the satisfaction of very nearly keeping up. I'm not quick enough for that group yet but also feel if I don't push myself I never will be. I definitely did push myself today though because 29 Strava cups and a load of PR's on a well ridden route is a good result. Who knows, half a stone lighter in a couple of months I might start to understand the phrase:
"It doesn't get easier you just get faster!"

Andy was still in banter mode and offered me a chair as he was concerned for my well being. Oh he is a funny little man. He then made my heart skip a beat with some Zipp Firecrest Wheels.

I want those wheels

Andy's new xenophobic frame available for £10.99 with a month of Daily Mail Coupons

As ever we were treated well at the shop with recovery tea and coffee and a splendid Lemon cake from Ian.

The splendid lycra loonies of C&D Cycles Cycling Club

Out on the ride we had a chat about nutrition and a top tip was a pint of milk with peanut butter. I tried it and I like it! I need to work on mixing in the peanut butter though. Steve told us of his Cool Hand Luke moment last Sunday when he had six boiled eggs to aid recovery. We also made sure we got plenty of jelly beans down us out on the ride. I heard from someone that 8 jelly beans is the energy equivalent of an energy gel. Here's a more scientific article from a running magazine Runners World. Obviously take this advice carefully as we all know runners are just people too stupid to ride a bike ;) Finally I've rounded off my recovery feed with home made soup. If you've never made your own soup you really should. It's quick, easy, free from additives you get in shop bought soups and very very nutritious. 

My cycling nutrition:
Night before: start with good intentions, lose this after several pints of home brewed ale, carb load on anything you stuff your face with!
Pre-ride: 3 cups of tea, peanut butter on wholemeal toast
Ride: Lidl jelly beans and Big Dave's special blue product energy drink (there's a video remember)
Post ride: tea and cake
Recovery at home: Milk and peanut butter, banana, super soup, lots more tea until it's beer o'clock!


OK that's it. My legs feel very strange. they are kind of twitching and pulsing as I type this. So I take it that means I had an effective workout! Thanks to my fellow lycra loonies today, you really are an awesome bunch, even you Neil!

Happy Pedaling

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