Saturday, 28 March 2015

Very windy test run

OK so the plan today was to test out some of the Dawn to Dusk route and get some big miles in my legs. It's just 12 weeks until the big day so it's time to live like a monk and train like a ninja. My plan is to get at least 200 miles a week in during April and May. Most weeks I'll do some 20-30's in the week and some 60-100's at the weekend. Today I just wanted to see if I had 100 in my legs and the answer is: probably but in this wind it's not worth over doing it!

I set out knowing I had a tail wind with the plan of taking it easy and conserving energy as much as possible whilst maintaining a steady pace. After the first hour I was at a healthy 16mph average without trying at all. That should have told me everything. As I turned away from a NE route the wind hit. At first it was crosswinds and then later in the ride it was headwinds. The cross winds were horrible because I had to fight to stay on course. The headwinds were brutal because they were turning flats into hill climbs. Still a bit of Flanders style hill training could only do me good. By the time I got to Rockingham I was in bits and actually considered going up Rocky Hill to get out of the wind. As it was I went up Rocky's lesser known twin to Cottingham I had the triple pain of a steep hill, a headwind and bonfire smoke blowing into my face. At that point I made up my mind that there was no point doing rubbish miles on a training ride. I was risking over training and we all know that defeats the point. I expect if I'd made it round to Welford though I'd have just sailed home the last few miles. I do feel confident that on a better day I already have 100 in my legs so I have my start point. Fit, fit, fit, try not to have a fit!

The route is looking good so well done Justin. I think I had just started the 'hard bit.' If I'd have continued I'd have fought the wind to Ashley Hill and then a few good lumps in quick succession. I don't want a garmin and therefore was following Strava routes on my phone. It's not the best and after Clopton I got into unknown territory and therefore made a few errors. Luckily I've learnt from those and if challenged could repeat them exactly. Finishing where I did means I can quickly get back to the route for the next test. That's my plan: know the route!

Here's some pics of the route

Car window selfie




World's shortest bike lane

lovely bit of road



Oops I'm in Cambridgeshire

Luddington in the Brook


King's Cliffe Airfield

Wind Demo...guess which way I was heading!


Llamas or Alpacas or whatnot

Not sure

Welland Owd


The virb died just like my legs at that point. The hill up to Gretton seemed to go on for ages. Talking of the virb I think I need to fiddle with the gps tracking because it drains the battery and I don't need it given my phone and cateye also record the ride. I want to get loads of pics and footage on D2D so something needs to change. In a day of firsts for 2015 I was happy to be back in shorts and fingerless mitts. We might be struggling with March winds but spring has definitely sprung. Longs, overshoes and gloves can now go in the spare kit drawer. On that, I now need two big drawers for my cycling kit. Is that too much or do I need more? Answers in a tweet with #MAMILfashionicons.

Well tomorrow I'm helping on a kids ride so it will be a very different blog.

Happy Pedaling

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