Sunday, 15 March 2015

Saturday 14th March C&DCycles CC club ride

Just a quick blog today to say we rode it was great and thanks to Steve for leading and Ken for tail gunning. 

When I arrived at the shop today the group wasn't quite big enough for splitting. As it was very mixed ability we ended up having a social ride,  which was nice. Much banter was had along the way most of which was clean until the the Princess of filth joined us at Woodford.  I had to forego tea and cakes due to the Saints having a 12:30 kick off so Andy ushered me into the shop to show me the new layout. Very impressive! 

Our wifi is down so I didn't bother with my virb this week. Our group picture is kindly provided by Heather W. I'm not sure what the Strava link does but I'll update as soon as Virgin have sorted us out. 

The route we took was the Oundle reverse.  Having been posted by Andy on the week it was hilarious to discover that despite telling us all to make sure we know the route...He didn't know his own route!  Then again as he was stuck in the shop I guess we'll let him off! It is a nice route though. Typical Northants rolling hills. Great villages such as Aldwinkle and Grafton Underwood, posh old Oundle and of course the leg busting Brigstock bumps! 

Ok that's as much as I can bear using my phone and 3G. The auto correct is driving me mad! Better blogs are available!

Check out my 43.4 mi Ride on Strava:
The handsome specimens

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