Sunday, 8 March 2015

Offroad Sunday 9th March 2015

Just a quick blog to tell you what I got up to today. I set off on my trusty 29er (with tubeless tyres which kindly didn't puncture,) with the intention of checking out the Geddington to Brigstock trail. On the way I noticed that puddles were still apparent and therefore my chosen route would still be boggy. So it was:

  • A spin round prologis park,
  • Dodge the dog walker on two laps of Weekley Woods 
  • Glendon to Rushton alongside the railway track
  • Roads to Pipewell, 
  • Off road back to the Desborough road and the Green Lane down to the bottom of the QOM hill to Harrington
  • Roads back home.

It was a really nice ride. The wind was still testing and the fact that I dropped a bloke on a road bike going into Harrington probably suggests that trails were the best place to hide from that wind. For me my favourite thing on either a road bike or off road is downhill. It was pretty good for that for the routes I rode today so that's what I put together on the video.

That's all folks
happy pedaling

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