Saturday, 7 March 2015

Saturday Stress Buster

It was a late decision for me to ride with the club this morning. I've not felt great at all this week, it could be a virus, it could just be stress or I might just be ready for some time off. Who knows but having woke at 3:30 I thought I probably needed something to get things out of my system. So I set off to C&DCycles determined to ride with the fast group (I know I probably should have thought that through...) At the shop I quickly grabbed a CO2 bulb as my last one was used up. Possibly one of my few good ideas today! Steve was leading the fast group and elected me tailgunner so I gained the dubious honour of the sartorially challenged grey reflective gillet. 

Leaving Kettering


Grafton Underwood

Well it was a good plan to put me at the back because I really struggled to keep up. I was fine on the flat but as soon as there was a bit of a hill I was dropped. I also really struggle in strong wind and today's was nothing short of oppressive. It seems to affect me more than others and I think it's in my head a bit going back to the Silverstone circuit breaker when I tried to ride after a week off with flu!


Then in Desborough, would you believe it I got yet another puncture. My club nickname really should be colander! In a fit of sulk I told everyone to leave me and I was going home. Thankfully I had a second thought and realised the banter bunch would probably turn up before I got my wheel back on. Well that's what happened and I got to complete the ride at a pace that suited me more.

Back with the banter bunch


Mercedes Avenue - Where Lewis Hamilton's engine is built

The new Mr Grey

Shadow shot

Stuck in traffic at the railway bridge Northampton Road, Kettering

Actually it sort of worked out nicely because I got to ride with both groups today and that meant I caught up with good friends as well as had a good workout. I needed both those things. So thanks to everyone for a great ride. Also Andy (mention) got to listen to my bike making odd noises.

Back at the shop we had some very welcome tea and cake. Also Andy (mention) had a tinker with my ticky clicky bike and discovered a loose pedal. No such noises on my very slow dawdle home. Andy also gave my bike a clean with a new product they are stocking. I'm still unconvinced of the need for a product that cleans without the need for water but my bike smelled great! You won't believe it but it was banana and chocolate flavour! Apparently it's no good just having a clean bike, a great smelling bike goes even faster than a shiny one. Also we're all aware that us lycra loonies are incredibly attractive but now we have even more pulling power with our sweet smelling steeds. OK some of that was made up but no doubt about it, the loving rub down Andy (mention) gave my bike was a little bit fruity!

OK so common sense needs to prevail tomorrow. I'm absolutely knackered after today's ride so going on the Sunday ride at Steve's 'steady pace,' is not a wise move. So I'm going rest well tonight and go for a bit of solo off road action tomorrow. Hopefully the tubeless tyres on my 29er won't let me down!

Happy Pedaling

ps the moral of today's tale is:"if in doubt...ride!"

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